Various Artists – Oh Oh Oh! [Compilation] [2014]

Various Artists – Oh Oh Oh! [Compilation]
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01. Nosmo King – Stick My Flu In A Turbine For Geoffs
02. Pawcut – Loveradar
03. Rkwhy – Life
04. Jay Alpha – No Presents
05. Dave Sparkz – Barb n Earnie
06. vertiqua & p.tah.ya – Happiness
07. Bluestaeb – 10.12
08. Iller The Abstract Giraffe – Babylon
09. Downstate – Saturn of 95
10. Blameful Isles – Odysséen (Short Version)

Various Artists – Oh Oh Oh!

Here’s a fine wrapped up gift at the feet of the tree from the Urban Waves family. For this holiday season we thought we’d bring you something to enjoy in the warmth of your home with a hot drink.

This is a completely spontaneous album, only started gathering tracks about in the evening of 24th December. And would like to thank all the artists who could participate in such a short notice! We did not expect so many to come around and it’s very heartwarming that they did.

Let’s share the holiday spirit together from anywhere you might be and from any culture you might come from. Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for your continuous support!

This is a gift for the holidays so we expect you to download it for free, individual tracks are also available to download on our Soundcloud and we left the option open on Bandcamp if you desire to tip us just so you can add the album to your collection but it’s totally optional you can very well insert 0$ and we will be happy to provide you with our loving sound.

Best Wishes from the Urban Waves Family!