Various Artists – Crates Vol​.​3 [Compilation] [2016]

Various Artists – Crates Vol​.​3 [Compilation]
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01. Butta Slick (Virginia)- Dont Mess Up My Drums
02. maßmatazz (Germany)- Ancient Culture
03. Fushou (Texas)- Run
04. OLOS (Michigan)-Off The Earth
05. Methodmaticz(South Africa)-Pool
06. FLYRT (New York City)- Andre 3000 Sextape
07. Kadaj Da Kid (Maryland) – Rated Sick
08. Soul-Jutsu (United Kingdom)-STBB 500
09. 2n!te (Poland)-lookabove
10. Farmer Dillo (United Kingdom)- Still Primal
11. FLYRT (New York City)- 001 Heaven
12. Be Franky (Germany)- Crates
13. Farmer Dillo (United Kingdom)- Math Safari
14. Toy Breaker (Austrailia)-482HEAVEN
15. Defmute (Greece)- bblbth
16. Hazy Year (Norway)-Chirp
17. Ezeroh1 (California)- Gate 2 The Dream Realm
18. Kongchain (Denmark)- Bob Grande (bonus)
19. armondo_Heritgage (USA) – mini2x (bonus)

Various Artists – Crates Vol​.​3

This is the 3rd entry of the beat tape series and the last one for a short while. Mr.B taps beatmakers that have competed in Stones Throw Beat Battles to create a cohesive collection of sound for hip hop fans.