Various Artists – Cosmic Void [Compilation] [2019]

Various Artists – Cosmic Void [Compilation]
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01. 7apes – Floating City
02. Robot Orchestra – Strange Beauty
03. Brenk Sinatra – Bytrio
04. NiteNite – Liquids
05. the intern – Timestretch
06. Torky Tork – The Descent
07. Drum Quixote – Enroute to Beyond
08. Enaka – Nebula
09. Cap Kendricks – Zodiac Zoo
10. Dexter – Embryos in Spaceships
11. Funky Notes – Tipsy Tanks
12. Twit One – The Land of Nod
13. Dienst&Schulter – Command X
14. Maniac – Moons & Goons
15. Smoke Trees – W-58025
16. Dead Rabbit – Epilog-Off

Various Artists – Cosmic Void

„Cosmodrome Baikonur. It is merely a matter of time until our atmosphere topples. Recent calculations predict our life-sustaining measures are no longer capable to prevent the decomposition of the organics. Not efficiently, that is. Time is running out, people are seeking salvation. There is hope, though. The relentless efforts of Sergeant Appiah and Prof. Dr. Heitech drove their team of elite scientists to finalize the ESI-analysis of the anticipated 1140b-fractal just in time. The latest seminal developments in tech granted us to dream the impossible. Every piece of information we acquired could have been our last. The Secretary-General of our Reunited Nations let us know, and I quote: „There can be no distance too long, no challenge too great, for the benefit of humankind.“ The crew of W-58025 is ready for takeoff, project CV001 begins according to schedule. We’re here for you – over and out.“