Twit One – The Sit​-​In [Beat Tape] [2015]

Twit One – The Sit​-​In [Beat Tape]
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01. Nuseance
02. Du Trik
03. Go
04. Haunted House
05. El Snorto
06. Oldtimer
07. Babylon Hills
08. Malandragem
09. Roy Roy
10. The Muted Sound Of Falling Things
11. Cyclo
12. Daftari Hili
13. Nunu

Twit One – The Sit​-​In

Also Available On: LP Record/Vinyl or CD Compact Disc (CD) & Cassette

„The Sit-In“ is the new album by Twit-One from Cologne. It is quite different to his previous works but Twit’s music has never been easy to predict. Featured artists on „The Sit-In“ are singer May, poets PB Louison and Imam Ally Salam and keyboard player Ruoy Yaw. Artwork has been done by Van Lagerstein and Robert Winter.