Toonorth – Long Story Short [Beat Tape] [2019]

Toonorth – Long Story Short [Beat Tape]
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01. Blue Roses
02. City Lights
03. Late Nights
04. Comin’ Home
05. Relax
06. Saturn’s Rings (feat. Gabriel Lucas)
07. Last Chance
08. Wish You Would Call
09. Something About You (feat. slowya.roll)
10. Long Story Short

Toonorth – Long Story Short

Radio Juicy proudly presents “Long Story Short” the new album by Toonorth. Smooth like butter and emotionally charged, “Long Story Short” isn’t just the next album on his discography. The young producer from Oregon took a fresh turn for this project, the music is inspired by old school R&B and Soul records while remaining modern and entirely instrumental. That’s why if you know Toonorth you will be pleasantly surprised because his style is fully present on the album while innovating and exploring with a different style than usual. Come and ride with us in the night and under the city neon lights. We got the perfect soundtrack for the evening that will sure keep the vibe right. All you gotta do is hop on and let things roll on.