The Souljazz Orchestra – Under Burning Skies [Album] [2017]

The Souljazz Orchestra – Under Burning Skies [Album]
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01. Dog Eat Dog
02. Lufunki
03. Is yeelyel
04. Oublier Pour Un Jour
05. Under Burning Skies
06. Holla Holla
07. Adawe Boogie
08. Sorrow Fly Away
09. Tambour à Deux Peaux
10. Aduna Jarul Naawo

The Souljazz Orchestra – Under Burning Skies

Also Available On: 12″ Vinyl Album or CD Album


Canada’s fastest moving and hardest working collective are back with one of their finest albums to date, a brand new journey into tropical, soul and jazz styles on their scorching new release, ‘Under Burning Skies’.

Turbulent times call for strong voices and The Souljazz Orchestra’s new set packs a suitably heavy lyrical punch, with wry observations and an urge for progressive change. Musically, the band continue to push the limits, dusting off ‘80s vintage synthesizers and early drum machines for the first time, bringing lo fi disco, boogie and electro touches to their trademark horn arrangements and earthy analogue sound. The fruits are a-plenty and the group sound at their confident and versatile best from start to finish.