The Outer Peoples – Geometric Connections [Compilation] [2014]

The Outer Peoples – Geometric Connections [Compilation]
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01. Osiris-1 – Spewstew ft Dan Matic
02. DRPLUS2 – Black People Music
03. Hummus – Caravan
04. Wandering Mayor – Carmel’s Golden Rectangle
05. Dan Matic – Strawberries & Beer (late brunch)
06. OhSo – Higher
07. Freddy Trackson – Watching You
08. BMoody – Talks to Aliens
09. Osiris-1 – Mind Focus Remix ft Dan Matic
10. OhSo – Barbarous
11. Dan Matic – Check 212 ft Coup de la Flux
12. Freddy Trackson – Revelation Pathways
13. Wandering Mayor – Budapest
14. Dan Matic – Suyuy
15. BMoody – Fifth
16. Wandering Mayor – Escape from Triona
17. Hummus – Coming Down

The Outer Peoples – Geometric Connections

Also Available On: Geometric Connection [Ltd. Cassette]

The Outer Peoples is a collective of producers from Kansas City, Missouri formed back in 2011. With such artists as Dan Matic, BMoody, Osiris-1, DRPLUS2 (aka DCPLX), Wandering Mayor, OhSo, Freddy Trackson and more. Their music was described as supernatural, “space-bound” beat music. Even though their sound is mostly perceived as experimental, you might just enjoy their undaunted effort to find that original take on today’s hip hop music. So if you find yourself in urge of discovering something new and different to listen to you will probably find it here.

As we represent the Kansas City future beat scene, we figure it’s more powerful to work together than as individuals, not that we won’t all have solo projects too.
~Wandering Mayor

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