The Lion Ranger – Roar Beats [Beat Tape] [2017]

The Lion Ranger – Roar Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Machine Minds & Machine Hearts (Entrance)
02. No Answer
03. I know You, Leo
04. Doom Bapa
05. Jackie and Heidi
06. Wrong Swan Song
07. Mason’s Beat
08. Four Flusher
09. Morrison Skit
10. Slack Beat
11. Dark Arts
12. Your Own Luck
13. Withered Keys
14. Not So Invincible

The Lion Ranger – Roar Beats

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If you’ve been checking anything from our Big Payback series, to the TekHedz projects, The Solar Panel and pretty much most of our in-house compilations over the last three years, then you’ll be no stranger to the sounds of The Lion ranger. Although a couple of albums deep alongside his partner Jister, TLR would now like to share his first instrumental album and MJM solo debut with you all.

Expect some well executed sample based production mixed with electronic composition that takes you on a journey through sound within a chilled out and thought provoking atmosphere.

“Special love goes out to The Lioness & The Pride for the continual love and support, and huge respect to Gadget and all the talented Millennium Jazz family.” – The Lion Ranger