TEAMS – Emeralds [Beat Tape] [2019]

TEAMS – Emeralds [Beat Tape]
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01. Brwnsugr
02. Fire Flower Bros.
03. Motown Sparkle
04. Parappa’s Slojam
05. Super Go Kart 64
06. Emeralds
07. Trees & Coins
08. VHS Tokyo Night
09. Yokosuka 1986
10. Night Into Dreams
11. Layyback
12. Cruisin’ in Dobuita
13. Nozomi Comes Home

TEAMS – Emeralds

Also Available On: “Emeralds” Cassette Tape

Sounds coming from old school video game consoles with a mixture of soul and R&B “Teams” enters the ring from US. MA.

The new album released “Emeralds” is for long hours of video game plays and as well as soundtrack for walks in the night. Some track titles is derived from games that I heavily played when I was young such sonic the hedgehog, super nintendo donkey kong, and super mario and I wanted to create something of my own that pays respects to the old school video game console era’s.