tajima hal – tones [Beat Tape] [2015]

tajima hal – tones [Beat Tape]
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01. Call From
02. Into The World
03. Artificial Flower
04. Hope
05. Suffering
06. Deeper
07. Part Of The Game
08. Boddin
09. Until Morning
10. Light In The Glass feat. Lidly
11. Sweet Stuff
12. Detour
13. Hush
14. Stars In My Hands
15. They Don’t Know
16. NHAG
17. Allforyou
18. Someday
19. House
20. Perilous Dimension feat. Lidly
21. Forget
22. Spangles feat. Lidly
23. Ebb Tide
24. Ms. August
25. For A While

tajima hal – tones

Also Available On: tajima hal – tone [Cassette Tape]

Japanese beatmaker tajima hal drops his latest beat tape with Urban Waves Records. This amazing album comes on cassette tape with 25 beats taking you around tajima hal’s imagination and inner world and includes 3 features by our original artist Lidly. “tones” is a collection of tracks created in 2015, it’s all fresh and all new to discover. If you have not heard from tajima hal before you’ll be pleasantly surprised has he is one of Japan’s rising beat producer, appearing on the label “EN Tokyo” and playing in parties / live events in and around Tokyo with Nippon beatmakers like Lidly, Bugseed, Pigeondust, ill.sugi, Youtaro and many more of the Japanese finest beat scene.

Watch out for this dude he’s going to bring you some of the illest beats in the coming months, years. Please enjoy this tape and grab one of the few limited edition cassette while you can as they are going to be rare and sound and look marvelous!