Mndsgn. – NoMaps [Beat Tape] [2011]

Mndsgn. – NoMaps [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Lahtro02. Respawn03. Question04. Photobooth05. Save06. Troptikal (SS)07. Stumble08. Mt.Hoodie09. Sustas10. MawninFace11. PorcelainPeople12. HerNumerxledge13. Riff14. TeaTreez15. Cinnabreads (Preview)Mndsgn. – NoMaps NoMaps by Mndsgn. Also Available On: NoMaps – LP (pre-order: ships Oct 25th )

Mndsgn. – Snaxx [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Mndsgn. – Snaxx [Instrumental Album](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Comethru02. Spreads03. Papayaberry04. Hydration Station05. Browneez06. Sumdim07. Over Ez08. Deviled Eggs09. Cashoos10. Slappppp11. Chips feat. Jon Bap12. Unnecessary13. Snaxx w U feat. Asal Hazel14. Ggardenn feat. Pink Siifu (Preview)Mndsgn. – Snaxx Also Available On: LP & CD

mndsgn & ahwlee – a rap vacation x​-​mas [Beat Tape] [2013]

mndsgn & ahwlee – a rap vacation x​-​mas [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. mndsgn – giveaways02. mndsgn – the weather03. mndsgn – snowed in04. mndsgn – doodoogifts05. mndsgn – that time06. mndsgn – bells b silvr07. mndsgn – skates08. mndsgn – northpolemetro09. ahwlee – hahloh10. ahwlee – tiffani s[01]11. …

Mndsgn. – Surface Outtakes [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mndsgn. – Surface Outtakes [Beat Tape] (Click Cover To Purchase) 01. A Brand New Couch 02. Dialect 03. Due Mantra 04. Eating Starfruit 05. Eggs 06. FSHO 07. Goobye Wavs 08. HLP 09. Overwhelming Gratitude (Preview) Mndsgn. – Surface Outtakes Surface Outtakes by Mndsgn. Outtakes, b-sides, and unreleased ideas officially …