So-Natural – Soul Repertoire [Beat Tape] [2017]

So-Natural – Soul Repertoire [Beat Tape]
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01. Life Historical
02. Mr Doc
03. Reflections
04. She’s My Love
05. Thought of our minds
06. Together interlude
07. Who Satisfied
08. Wild Words
09. Forever love
10. Loops and lives (Bonus Track)

So-Natural – Soul Repertoire

Everyone loves different genres of hip-hop, how much does the average fan really know about the building blocks of life that formed the foundations of entire sounds. So-Natural Music producers, Educational Creative Specialist has been collecting a selection of music from the 70s 80s 90s and early 2000, those odd snippets, sounds and loops So-Natural brings forth Soul Repertoire, a blend of soulful loop and drum sounds with creative live grooves that emerges into hip hop soul rhythms and melodies built around a sample.

Big shout out to Soul merge who help create a rough mix for the Soul Repertoire LP and jadar Ozone’s support and love for pushing the music listen out for more stuff from the N&S team.

Look out for So-natural free promo projects mix tapes Loops & Live part one coming soon.