Slim The Chemist – Perspective EP [E.P.] [2018]

Slim The Chemist – Perspective EP [E.P.]
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01. Flora
02. Beat47
03. Perspective
04. Fly (with Frank)
05. Matress
06. This That
07. Zimmer (Cassette Release Bonus)
08. OGChrist – Outro

Slim The Chemist – Perspective EP

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette (Obi-strip & Tape-only B-side) (PRE-ORDER with 50% discount on shipping)

Ever since debuting on Dusted Wax Kingdom, Slim The Chemist’s forte has been productional diversity. From neck-snapping MPC beats on ‘Backyard Vibes’ and with his Raw Flavour Clik, to hip-moving Brazilian samples on ‘Em Poucas Palavras’. And exactly that variety is what you can expect of this new EP by the German beatmaker. ‘Perspective’, released in affiliation with The Find.

On “Fly”, a pianist (who happens to be Slim’s father) plays live keys over the mellow MPC tapping. The title track takes a completely different turn with an eerie beat—a good fit with preceding track “Beat47”, which makes the listener feel like being lost in a jungle, with an ancient MPC tribe creeping up from the bushes.

An exclusive perspective for those who own a copy of the cassette. A few of the B-side’s highlights: Slim’s Raw Flavour Clik buddies join him on “Pinkmoney”, which makes it the most hard-hitting track on Perspective. Most likely leaving them with sore fingertips after making that beat… “Cards”, on the other hand, features RFC’s Dr. Phil and is full of snappy 808-like hi-hats, while tracks like “Pocket” and “Open Up” are much more downtempo and chilled out like the tape’s A-side.

“The idea of the project was to capture different life moments through samples I found in various periods in time”, says Slim. “That’s where the name comes from: creating perspectives on certain life moments through layering rare samples to new compositions and different kind of vibes.”