Sarcastalites – Spaces For Strangers [Album] [2017]

Sarcastalites – Spaces For Strangers [Album]
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01. The Real Thing
02. Sand
03. Party People
04. Advice
05. Earth is for Friends, Space is for Strangers
06. Strange Nostalgia
07. Three Degrees

Sarcastalites – Spaces For Strangers

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

More than 15 years into a recording career that’s included collaborations with Fleet Foxes, Benny Sings, Bauer, members of Steely Dan, The B-52s, The Free Design, and Pedro the Lion, Gwen “G.T.” Thomas is revealing her hidden DISCO super-powers. On the debut Sarcastalites album –“Spaces for Strangers”– it’s clear she’s right at home in the genre, so the question is: what took her so long to start writing and producing disco, herself?

“That’s what can happen when, in your formative years, you don’t see anyone you can relate to doing the thing that interests you,”
explains Thomas.

The debut album is the result of Thomas realizing what she had to do to become the hero she needed as a kid: make a disco album with liner notes full of women’s names. All eight of the original, ‘70s style disco songs are written, arranged, performed, and produced by Thomas, and for the mixing and mastering, she recruited a team of 6 women engineers. The personalized mixing approaches of Jess Fenton, Ali “A MAC” McGuire, Jaclyn Sanchez, Vanessa Silberman, and Marián G Villota assure there’s a mix for every disco-palette across these songs. With final touches by Airshow Mastering’s Anna Frick, the album sealed its fate as a true showcase of talented women, each pouring musicality in their production and audio-working craft for bringing these brand new disco tracks into the world.