Rob Viktum – Low Clearance [Beat Tape] [2017]

Rob Viktum – Low Clearance [Beat Tape]
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01. Filter The Guap
02. Marimba Blades
03. Elevator Rescue
04. Bribe The Look Out
05. Damage Control
06. Gas Station Hand Off
07. Velvet Interrorgation
08. Pistols Preachers and Pimps
09. Hand Soap And Glycerine
10. Catalog The Ammo
11. Loan Shark Slow Dance
12. Smuggle The Powder
13. Time Management With The Boss’s Daughter
14. The Goons and Bettycocker
15. Load The Trunk
16. The Fallen Partner
17. Waves Of Yay
18. Thin Line
19. Empty Holster
20. Ether Hammonds
21. Put The Sunglasses On Frank

Rob Viktum – Low Clearance

The is a beat tape Rob Viktum made with all original compositions. There are zero samples on this project.