René Schier – Seeds [Beat Tape] [2017]

René Schier – Seeds [Beat Tape]
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01. When Love Is Found
02. At Night
03. Seeds
04. Enough
05. So Beautiful
06. When Eyes Begin To Talk
07. Low End
08. Liquid Wax
09. Porn
10. Boombox
11. Astro
12. Ocean
13. Small Moment
14. Let’s Get Lost
15. On Da Rhodes
16. Ronin

René Schier – Seeds

Also Available On: [Cassette Tape] Seeds

René Schier is back and in strength with this incredible new album that is probably his most accomplished work to date. With every new album drop René is defining and refining his sound a little more, with “Seeds” he’s exploring a new approach of his music. The album takes you on a date at night depicting a sensual portrait of pleasure, intimacy and passion. While it’s getting cold and dark outside, get cozy, pour yourself something warm to drink and enjoy this album.