Purple Dialect – Leaves [Album] [2016]

Purple Dialect – Leaves [Album]
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01. Kaiju featuring Allen Poe and Castor Pollux
02. Portland
03. All Hallows’ Eve featuring Okami Ghosthack
04. Zenosyne featuring Mathias Kruse
05. Animus featuring 7 Arm’d Labyrinth
06. Hold
07. The Pumpkin Patch featuring Sleep Sinatra and Menes The Pharaoh
08. Crates featuring Ichiban Hashface
09. Akimbo
10. Flex featuring Castor Pollux
11. Leaves featuring John E Cab
12. Dust Off featuring Paze Infinite
13. Ventroduction featuring Darko the Super
14. Graveyard Shift featuring Ill Green, Paze Infinite, John E Cab and Crazie K!D AnonYmouS
15. Bells [bonus]
16. Bells [instrumental

Purple Dialect – Leaves

Also Available On: Cassette or CD

With this second release on Us Natives Records, boundaries are pushed and an incredible, creative journey unfolds. Purple Dialect expands on his style with an elite line-up of artists and producers to develop a unique mood, reminiscent of the early 2000 underground, backpack era of hip hop. Ride along as Leaves transforms Purple Dialect into an SP404 wielding superhero in his next audio adventure…