Purple Dialect – Forest Fortress [Beat Tape] [2017]

Purple Dialect – Forest Fortress [Beat Tape]
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01. tanuki flight
02. smoke in the cavern
03. daylight
04. snowfallz
05. tanuki flight (part 2)
06. escape route
07. underground forest (part 3)
08. lamp post
09. treetop village
10. firewatch
11. chamaenerion angustifolium

Purple Dialect – Forest Fortress

Also Available On: limited edition cassette

Volume 1 in the GHOST VOLCANO saga.

A beat tape with the intention of setting the ambiance for hikes, quests or daydreams. Inspired by strange tales from the forest.

Made indoors and outdoors with an sp-303 and sp-202. Recorded into sp-404 for additional manipulation.