Prodigal Sons – Prodigal Sons (Mixtape) [Mixtape] [2015]

Prodigal Sons – Prodigal Sons (Mixtape) [Mixtape]
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01. Murda in Kpax
02. Rappers Road
03. Scrolls
04. On It
05. Trippy Little Nasty Fuck
06. Forty
07. Ridin Thru The City
08. Shit’s Hectic
09. Rippin Thru Your Dynasty
10. Zooty Flow
11. Stoned (Skit)
12. Back (You Bastards)
13. Poisoned Thorns
14. Cipherbots
15. Jackie Chan Shit (Skit)
16. Assassin
17. Wolf
18. Megatron
19. Levitate
20. Wahhh (Skit)
21. Ready The Troops
22. Surburbanites (Skit)
23. The Blanco Scenario
24. Scheemz
25. Nose Bangerz (Outro)

Prodigal Sons – Prodigal Sons (Mixtape)

Nothing is more terrifying than Death…
The Prodigal Sons.
Featuring Rap Acrobatics and Razor Sharp Lyrics from Jus’ Liam and Devaughn Trey.
Every Beat is fused with Kuartz’s trademark Soulful Samurai Boom Bap Sound.
Hailing from Manchester in the UK, The Prodigal Sons unleash an all out assault on the senses with their explosive first release.
This is one crew that you need to watch out for…