Pawcut – Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama) [Beat Tape] [2018]

Pawcut – Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama) [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Hey Ya!
03. Uncle Scrooge Strut
04. Woo-Hah!!
05. Cladsheet
06. Diary
07. Welcome To The Club
08. At The Movies (EDUversion)
09. Zombie Tango
10. Wheels
11. Drugs (EDUversion)
12. All Of My Heart
13. Golden Wheelchair Outerlude
14. Delerious
15. Corkscrew
16. Wanna Test (EDUversion)
17. Fireworks
18. What I Dududuh
19. Homestepper
20. Mercy Mercy Me
21. Afterword
22. At The Movies (Tricky Rmx)
23. Drugs (KoolKeith Rmx)
24. Wanna Test (JediMindTricks Rmx)

Pawcut – Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama)

Also Available On: [Cassette Tape] Angel Dust

With Angel Dust Pawcut confirms himself as one of today’s most pertinent hip hop producers. The album is crazy rich and deep, it’s an hour long trip that will most certainly take you away.

It comes on limited cassette tape for the collectors and tape-heads.

Note that on Bandcamp, this is is the unaltered original version of the beat tape.With bonus tracks 22, 23, 24.
The version appearing on streaming sites will be slightly different for legal purposes. So make sure to grab it on here for the original experience.

Angel Dust is a heady lil’ neo trip hop jazzy drum n bass thing,
one thing is for sure, it’s unique.
– Pawcut, 2018