Paavo and Chef Mike – No Toys [E.P.] [2020]

Paavo and Chef Mike – No Toys [E.P.]
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01. Hit the Bottom
02. Explore the Rhyme
03. Type of Shit
04. One by One
05. Let Me Burn

Paavo and Chef Mike – No Toys

“No Toys” a phrase that is associated with the graffiti culture. “Toy” is a name used to describe a poser within that community. How best to represent the complete opposite with two authentic artists. This EP has taken the very eclectic, Bombastic hip hop production of Detroit’s own Chef Mike and combined it with abnormal story style of bay areas PAAVO.

Released on Common and Normal Recording Co. This EP touches on various topics such as commitment to one’s own family and creative desires. The Sacrifices we all make to provide as well as people lack of self drive. These are battles that are faced in our day to day and we hope to provide a look into how he overcome those obstacles.