Onra – Nobody Has To Know [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Onra – Nobody Has To Know [Instrumental Album]
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01. Prelude
02. Secretly
03. Let Me Fantasize
04. Love Triangle
05. No Question ft. Pomrad
06. Wish I Could
07. The Jam
08. Freak ft. Lewis McCallum
09. Not Long Ago
10. Wait A Minute
11. Nothing To Lose
12. 4U
13. All The Time

Onra – Nobody Has To Know

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Few artforms are as apt to describing the fervour and tumult of human emotions as music is. Songs transport us to real and imaginary places, living someone else’s experiences as our own, connecting with thoughts and feelings through melodies, rhythm and words. As a producer working primarily with the tools of traditional Hip-Hop – samplers, records, synthesizers – Onra has distinguished himself over the past decade as one of the best of his generation, capable of creating vivid music that sparks the mind of the listener and brings them along to uniquely detailed spaces, both real and imagined. On “Nobody Has To Know”, his fifth album for All City Records, the versatile French producer created music that reflects on the various aspects of a secret relationship pulling from R&B,New Jack Swing and Funk to soundtrack the passions of attraction.