oboone – Chop Suey [Beat Tape] [2017]

oboone – Chop Suey [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Pad Gospel
03. Mans World
04. Discoball
05. Good Reefer
06. Antrophology
07. Groove Like Me
08. Pad Bank
09. Mind Blown
10. Mediterrane
11. Plastom
12. Prophecy
13. Tell Her
14. Someday
15. Walk With Me

oboone – Chop Suey

Obo has spent a lifetime crafting beats, finding his own sound with a ton of soul sampling and gritty boom bap. Locked in the lab for years, Obo has emerged laden with gems and we are now able to present the latest and heaviest selection from this master of the MPC. Chop Suey is back to back bangers, get stuck in!