Nextwon – Ghosts [Beat Tape] [2017]

Nextwon – Ghosts [Beat Tape]
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01. They Are Among Us (Intro)
02. Howl
03. Broken Home
04. Cold World
05. Confusion
06. End All Be All
07. Diary Of A Madman
08. Ghouls (Vice Grips)
09. Atomic
10. Exhaust
11. How Thomas Broke His Crown
12. Birth Of The Mighty
13. Iron Ball
14. What Was Lost
15. The End (Of Death)

Nextwon – Ghosts

Album Description:

Collective Resonance are delighted to present a new release from Nextwon. The Chicago, Illinois native treats us to an instrumental LP titled “Ghosts”. It consists of beats he’s created for various emcees over the years. The majority of beats were never used, with the exception of a few including “Exhaust”, on which he collaborated with his late friend Fluent The Lion. Nextwon explained his choice of album title…

“All the beats were made for different emcees that I’ve worked with over the years, but all the artists have gone and all that’s left are the beats. Hence the name Ghosts.”

We invite you to take some time out to press play and immerse yourself in some quality instrumental Hip Hop. Donations for downloads are appreciated and all of the money will go directly to Nextwon’s PayPal.