Mr.Brady – Speechless [Beat Tape] [2017]

Mr.Brady – Speechless [Beat Tape]
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01. Are You Ready
02. Hands Clap
03. Blaze Em Sun
04. Love Around
05. Be True
06. Opera
07. Evening
08. Way Down
09. Pass The Vibes
10. Youlude
11. Husky Yo’s
12. Rowdy
13. Raw Raw
14. G Tar
15. Wobble Here
16. Janet if you’re Nasty
17. Bruised
18. Digi Love
19. Chop Shop
20. Ready Or Not
21. Mi Amor
22. Roger That

Mr.Brady – Speechless

Also Available On: LP + Cassette + DIgital Copy or LP – Ultra Limited Test Pressing or Cassette + Digital Copy

For many years, Mr. Brady has been a staple in the hip-hop game, and has consistently found ways to reinvent himself and stay relevant. Many know Mr. Brady solely as an Emcee from albums such as Dirty, released via Battle Axe Records, or from his work with super collective Deep Rooted. What many fans might not know is that this multi-talented artist also uses his abilities to create the roots of his art. With just about every release of his own, Mr. Brady holds the feat of handling a majority of the production, which is what lead to the inevitable and much welcomed release of his instrumental studio album, Speechless.

Producing for the likes of Diamond D, Blu, and Aloe Blacc to name only a few, Mr. Brady effortlessly hops behind the boards with his signature grit, raw, and soulful sound. Speechless is a primarily sample chop based 22-track opus, emitting hard-hitting drums and wobbly heavy basslines, designed to wake you out of slumber, with resonance that emanates throughout your entire body. From start to finish, Speechless is more than a listen, but rather it is a journey, full of evoked emotions and feelings straight from the heart of Mr. Brady’s soul. On a record where Mr. Brady remains speechless, we undeniably hear him, loud and clear.