Morpheground – Dawn LP [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Morpheground – Dawn LP [Instrumental Album]
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01. Awake (1st Breath)
02. Say Yes
03. Axis Age
04. The Most High
05. Bliss
06. Space Bar
07. Artistry vs Ego
08. NoMad
09. Citrus
10. Dawn
11. War
12. Rewind (ft. Shuanise)

Morpheground – Dawn LP

This will be my last album as Morpheground, as I have stated with my previous release. This album to me represents some of the best tracks I’ve ever worked on under this name.
What’s next? I’ll keep on making music under my new moniker “Amos Kincaid” which will comprise for the most part of soulful, jazzy, electronic and experimental music without samples, composed and performed from scratch.