Memcave – How Beautiful To Be [Beat Tape] [2017]

Memcave – How Beautiful To Be [Beat Tape]
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01. Pink Sky (featuring White Flashes)
02. Ex
03. Fantasy Peel
04. Sukeban
05. Better Days
06. Glass Belgium
07. Monya
08. Glaring
09. Above Water
10. School Gloss

Memcave – How Beautiful To Be

MemCave’s first offering to Intelligent Sound, How Beautiful To Be, is the result of what happens when you decide to choose a different course in life.

Keith Rich, otherwise known as MemCave, made a decision within the last twelve months: leave his job and focus on making music and traveling with it, full-time. As his first proper full length album, How Beautiful To Be serves as a tourist map for MemCave’s coping mechanism, full of pulsating basslines, blanket-warm pads and caffeinated beats.

Pulling influence from house, techno and UK genres, like grime and dubstep, How Beautiful To Be is a dark, yet hopeful world unto itself. Cinematic and enveloping one minute, bubbly and energetic the next, this is music both for headphones and the dance floor.

How Beautiful To Be is a diary. It is a reminder of what can happen when you roll the dice, endure and rise to the occasion.