Larro – I’ll Just Wait Here [Beat Tape] [2017]

Larro – I’ll Just Wait Here [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Wait,You like Depeche also?
03. A Heniken And A Sam Adams.. Preferably Guinness
04. In My Arms Is Home
05. Elephant Shoe
06. Missed Memories (Mario Kart64)
07. Lonely September
08. Riddled With Emptiness
09. To Never Know Happiness Again
10. To Dream Of You
11. March 15th

Larro – I’ll Just Wait Here

Larro’s first instrumental album.
This album is a love letter, a dedication to someone who made me feel again.. This is a journey of how it all started to where it is now.
Reliving all the joy and the sadness brought me to darker place in my soul and took its toll on me.
To encapsulate all those feelings and tell the story of 2 people meeting falling in love and then losing that love..
With dusty drums and cinematic samples telling the narrative of someone missed greatly.
This album is for M.
I created this piece of art because you’ve been my passion,
my inspiration. and this I dedicate to you.
Elephant shoe