KVNB. – .insprd [Beat Tape] [2017]

KVNB. – .insprd [Beat Tape]
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01. Inspr. (Love)
02. !Travel
03. Beatmode.
04. PatienceBroughtMeHere.
05. 2 Wheels
06. Forever
07. Delacrème
08. New Era
09. 06.09 [in.my.soul]
10. State It.
11. People Watchin’
12. SnwVbe.
13. Journée Mobile
14. 06.05
15. Still Pictures
16. 07.23
17. Such.A.Flight
18. My Life.
19. Gldn Era [Mémoire]
20. Sporadique (feat. Chacalcolik)

KVNB. – .insprd [Beat Tape]

Here is .insprd, a completely instrumental album with boom bap and downtempo flavor.
This beat tape composed entirely by KVNB contains a total of 25 beats (5 beats in bonus for those who will buy the album online or in physical copy).

KVNB. has its roots anchored in a particular soil. Remaining faithful to his style, the vintage influences of ” golden era ” are still part of his recipe for composition.
.insprd is therefore composed for the most part of sampling, both in terms of melody and in the selection of percussion, drums and so on.

What differs this project from the previous albums of this beatmaker of the Laurentians,
It is the exploration of various musical styles, different artists and cities that inspired KVNB. to add some elements that are found exclusively on this project.

.insprd will surely please hip hop lovers in the boom bap, chill hop and jazz hop branches