Knowsum – Two [Beat Tape] [2014]

Knowsum – Two [Beat Tape]
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01. Day
02. Modern Song
03. Seaprince Sequence
04. Stereophobia
05. Dissotanz
06. .Shimura
07. Downstairs

Knowsum – Two

Which will be also the start of a long-planned SXT 10inch Beat series “Sichtexotica” – Knowsum brings “two” on the one hand the sequel to “One” and on the other a taste of his forthcoming instrumental Vinyl “Sichtexotica I – Knowsum”. already how to “one” there are experimental, beautiful verspulte songs that could probably overwhelm so some listeners because of their bumpy, tricky way. But with its sound familiar listeners the genius of the young musician will get the full force here again! Dirty, dusty, often progressive beats, where each drum, each sample and each synth is placed with an eye for detail!

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