Knowsum – Drei [Beat Tape] [2015]

Knowsum – Drei [Beat Tape]
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01. Diegelbenvombauerhesbach
02. Hackespitzehochdasbein
03. Chloë
04. Redbeardfailsinsupermarket
05. Threesome
06. Siekommenschriejeremy
07. Youfatfuck

Knowsum – Drei

It’s a shit rainy Tuesday in late summer 2015. And Knowsum is a lousy guy – a really lousy type in terms of instrumental beat music. And Sichtexot remains just different. And so a new release is now also just published. “Three” is the third part of a small series Beat – screwed and has entered on various objects and instruments sounds from the basement of the above. Redbeard’s Escapades has tinkered to a cover and has been approved with his bass as a single feature. This is not BoomBap. For free DL to about next week. This is an official promo text. KNO. SXT. SE040.