Kenny Segal – happy little trees [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Kenny Segal – happy little trees [Instrumental Album]
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01. little trees
02. big decisions
03. sick day
04. cole’s final
05. debushy
06. every morning
07. adultswimtypebeat
08. then everyone went home
09. black gesso
10. academic achievement charm
11. slow drip

Kenny Segal – happy little trees

Also Available On: happy little trees – gatefold artwork 12″ vinyl & happy little trees – CD with gatefold art

Although I have many releases both instrumental and with vocals in my catalog, in my opinion I’ve never put out a proper instrumental solo album. The Kenstrumentals series adheres more to the beat tape format, with lots of quick sketches and ideas, but with “happy little trees” I wanted to make something more expansive and fleshed out. A thesis statement on many of the ideas and sounds I’ve touched on in the past 4-5 years where I bring it all together, and hopefully explore even further. This project was a long time in the making… some of the tracks were started 3-4 years ago while some were made just a few months ago. But I think it all came together how I envisoned it. I hope you enjoy!