Judah – Trips To California [Instrumentals] [2015]

Judah – Trips To California [Instrumentals]
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01. Welcome To California
02. L.A. Riots
03. Gang*Bangin
04. Ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05. Come visit again

Judah – Trips To California

This project is simply done out of appreciation for the West Coast and its influence on Hip Hop and popular culture as a whole. California is not only one of the richest states in America but also one of the most problematic as well. The music created from the social and political strife shaped me as a young man. Even though I was on an entirely different coast, I was tuned in and received their message loud and clear. It is no coincidence that I timed this with the release of the Straight Outta of Compton Movie and Dr. Dre’s “Compton” soundtrack. These beats were created between 2000-2005 while taking trips back and forth to California and soaking up the culture. I hope you enjoy.