JHANN – liars. and other strangers [Beat Tape] [2019]

JHANN – liars. and other strangers [Beat Tape]
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01. the first lie
02. pluto
03. visage
04. medium wave
05. reminders
06. stream
07. hawkeye
08. separate
09. trauma
10. main theme
11. to myself
12. how much
13. alright love
14. alchemist & friends
15. hey girls
16. the right way
17. devil words
18. beloved eulogy
19. lotus

JHANN – liars. and other strangers

liars. and other strangers

“The best thing is truth”

This album was created as a departure from the more experimental and trap sounds that were found on DUALITY in 2018. Going back to his roots of pure sampling and a more lo-fi presence, JHANN has crafted an instrumental album that you can throw on during a long drive, a day cleaning the house, a get together with your favourite people, or time out in the sun. As always, JHANN creates his albums with a message and a focus in mind. This time it is the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard, but it always leads to the best outcome. Stay true to yourself, stay true to others.