Jeepz – Open Sunday [Beat Tape] [2014]

Jeepz – Open Sunday [Beat Tape]
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01. Open.Sundays.News.Report (Intro)
02. Take.The.Stage
03. I.L.U
04. Rudy.Got.A.Story.To.Tell
05. It’s.Hard
06. Playground.Love
07. Interlude.To.A.Dream
08. Central.Park.In.The.Fall
09. Dedicada.A.El.Grande
10. 50.Shades.Of.Blue
11. I.Know.You’ve.Been.Hurt
12. Like.You
13. Want.Your.Love [Switch|Up|To|Pitch|Down]
14. Trayjay’s.Heart.Of.The.City [Switch|Up|To|Pitch|Down|Again]

Jeepz – Open Sunday

Often times Sunday is a day of relaxation for most, highlighted by brunches, strolls, and Netflix marathons. To me, Sunday has more often been my one day of the week I could fully focus on music. The other days were always too busy with the daily grind that is life, so Sunday was when I’d truly get to work.

Open Sunday is symbolic of my approach to music. Not a day passes that I don’t invest myself into my craft. Music is a 24/7 creative adventure. So quite literally, no days off.