Jay Bishop – Cassette 3 [Beat Tape] [2015]

Jay Bishop – Cassette 3 [Beat Tape]
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01. Dilla’s Fantastic
02. Good Morning
03. Sport Of Kings
04. Foolish Game
05. Back Alley
06. Swing Shift
07. Adieu
08. In Your Life
09. Pianos In The Dark
10. Hunter Red
11. Soul Food & Sushi
12. Losses
13. Take Awhile

Jay Bishop – Cassette 3

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After exploring boom bap on The Cassette and experimenting with multiple genres on Dual Cassette, Jay Bishop returns with the final installment in the Cassette series. Cassette 3 finds Jay returning to sample based hip-hop over heavy drums and blending that with his love for funky synth basses, atmospheric strings & pads, and creamy Rhodes phrases. The result is a collection of head nod inducing grooves designed to make your day just a bit better whenever you listen to it.