Ghost Wavvves – クリスタルCrystals [Beat Tape] [2015]

Ghost Wavvves – クリスタルCrystals [Beat Tape]
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01. 愛してるLove You
02. ★Stars★
03. Kloudy feat. NO FUTURE
04. Candy Paint
05. クリスタルCrystals
06. Time Lapse feat. Mike El Nite

Ghost Wavvves – クリスタルCrystals

As a child, Ghost Wavvves detected the presence of a strange energy in the world, an energy that no one else around him could sense, and felt immediately attracted to it. Back then, he was confused, but over time he started to understand how that entity worked and how he could find it. He was obsessed. Today, locked in his dimly lit room, he uses his self-taught space engineering skills to operate a secret machine stolen from a post-apocalyptic anime world in order to create a unique kind of material, simply named by him as “crystal”. During research, he found out that this bizarre and nameless matter, when mixed with black smoke, releases the energy he has been looking for his entire life.