Freddy Bracker – Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops [Beat Tape] [2017]

Freddy Bracker – Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops [Beat Tape]
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01. DG032.Presun Skit
02. NL023.All I Smoke
03. DG011.Vamos
04. NL012.Snapback Sundays
05. NL030.Loop Knox Life
06. NL01.Looped Nasty
07. DG03.Sunray Jazzists
08. DG015.Somehow
09. NL014.Basketball Days & High Nights
10. NL026.Diamant Groove
11. DG036.All Night Loops
12. NL018.Skit Life
13. DG04.Mixing Herbs
14. NL007.Real – A Scarf Tribute
15. NL025.Nobody But Loop
16. DG037.Grooves In The Mist
17. NL038.Loopdonator
18. NL039.Back To The Loop
19. DG023.Loss Around You
20. NL024.No Greater Loop

Freddy Bracker – Daily Grooves & Nasty Loops

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

After escaping space-captivity, Freddy got stuck on planet earth due to a teleporting malfunction. These grooves and loops are his description of earth’s daily reality, while he works on repairing his teleporting device.

City grooves, subway smell, park hangouts, night shopping, brunch vibes, traffic jams and such