Flakodiablo – Lo​-​Fi Beats [Beat Tape] [2015]

Flakodiablo – Lo​-​Fi Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Preludio
02. Waves & Dreams
03. Cocktayl Piano
04. Dynamic Hammond
05. Killin Mad Boom
06. Guitarras En Sepia
07. Mysterious Girl
08. Dirty Vibes
09. Interludio
10. Pintura Respirando (Feat. Oneshok & Shacke One)
11. One 4 Marco
12. Divago
13. Midnight Love
14. Nebulosa
15. Sunday Movie
16. Más Allá Del Arrecife (Feat. Eggglub)
17. Galaxia de Plástico
18. Drvmv (Outro)

Flakodiablo – Lo​-​Fi Beats

Diggin’ for masses. Instrumentals fully of soul. “Lo Fi beats” is the third reference from FlakoDiablo as solo. this album comes up from samples & chops with a lot of boom-bap feelin’ ,and full of energy.

18 tracks makes this album a constant interaction between analog and dust. “Flako” is a nostalgic musician and DJ movin’ on through analog hardware: his love for old tapes & vinyl’s make his music so classic and effective. 35 minutes are the perfect time to enjoy this tape, drink a beer
, smoke some tobacco or something more delicious… like a cold beer for a “Midnight Movie”.

With only two collaborations on this album, the collab with “Eggglub” (“Más allá del arrecife”) sounds really doleful. the another featuring work is also the only track with vocals on the album,
with the lyrics of Shake One (Germany) and One Shock (Chile) the track (“Respirando pintura”)
its turned on a bombastic track, fully of that kind of Golden-era Sound/vibe.