Ext – One of the Moments LP [Beat Tape] [2015]

Ext – One of the Moments LP [Beat Tape]
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01. Time Flies
02. Causing Passion
03. Clearance
04. Cold Reflection
05. Dark Moon
06. Kevin
07. Love Me
08. Metro
09. Don’t Go
10. Silent
11. Tension
12. Warrior

Ext – One of the Moments LP

Also Available On: Ext – One of the Moments LP [Limited Edition Cassette]

Sergey Mogilevsky, Ext’s true name, provides a privately crafted anti-romance display, filtered through sensual cadence, surrounding us with defenseless vocal samples fluently hidden in each track. Markedly released on the first day of this year, One of the Moments LP frames a two year period, full of many moments (simply stated: a combination of a physical quantity and a distance). Points of wondering, transcending, peaking are what to be expected. Ext’s marathon project is stylized in a manner granting access to another unworldly realm. Brash, aphasic, forbidden, yet a more conventionally danceable string of tracks is the ultimate output. His use of romantic theatrics sets the tone in the opening track, ‘Time Flies’ amusingly placing a longingly vocalized “forever, for you baby” clip into the mix. Layers of well-constructed rhythms, filtered through blocky patterns and slippery hand-built synths are what follows. ‘Silent’ captures the longest play time on the entire LP: a static bell and wounded bassline carry a provocative pulse; gracefully working the hypothetical dancefloor. On a more vulnerable note, the exposed pieces of ‘Love Me,’ ‘Don’t Go,’ and ‘Tension’ are slathered in a new level of balmy, lovestruck howls. A cloudy melody moves onto the scene with the stop-go motion of the final track ‘Warrior.’ Ext encourages us to live on, despite the struggle. Ext is a beating heart.