ewonee . – Fakie Flip [Beat Tape] [2019]

ewonee . – Fakie Flip [Beat Tape]
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01. Iwish
02. Reminisce
03. Finally
04. Blended
05. Yeildcurve
06. Turkish
07. Savethat
08. Ninetyseven
09. Jadasbeat
10. Motif
11. Howifeel
12. Afterlife
13. Iphonebeats
14. Listen
15. Fuzzloops
16. Inthewind
17. Tryme
18. Oneforme

ewonee . – Fakie Flip

Also Available On: Limited Edition Fakie Flip Cassette

Encapsulating the raw and rugged but ever flowing art form of east coast skateboarding is no easy feat, but with this new beat tape Ewonee does just that. With this one he taps into his past experiences skateboarding in NYC when he was a little younger. Those experiences that he had also made him want to dig deeper into east coast skateboarding and its synonymous relationship with Hip-Hop. Especially in the 90s and early 2000s skateboarding and Hip-Hop were very closely seen in pop culture, like in the Larry Clark flim KIDS and in various skateboarding videos like the Zoo York Mixtape. East Coast skateboarding unlike its counterpart in the west is a little more rough around the edges, and style takes the front seat over what trick you’re doing and how big the obstacle you’re jumping off is. All those thing combined helped me craft this album and frankly made the perfect source of inspiration. Hope you enjoy it.