eu​-​IV – Supernova [Beat Tape] [2017]

eu​-​IV – Supernova [Beat Tape]
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01. theunderstanding
02. iknow feat. Claire Reneé
03. themessage
04. UandHappy
05. thefeelings
06. icant
07. gravitymoves
08. atoms
09. depression
10. intelligence
11. supernova
12. pitfall
13. theblackhole
14. theafterlife

eu​-​IV – Supernova

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

A black star journeyed through space in search of its purpose. The star battled stress, depression, and misunderstandings. Each difficulty led the star to deeper and darker layers of the universe. Overloaded with the pains of life, the star began to fold into itself. With no visible signs of light, the only thing it could do was retract. Burdened by the weight of its elements, the star explodes.