Escape Artists – Evergreen [Album] [2020]

Escape Artists – Evergreen [Album]
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01. Fall On Ourselves
02. Westbound Pt. II
03. Electrolytes feat. DJ Mayonnaise
04. The Bells
05. Search Party feat. Riddlore?, Ellay Khule, The All Deadly Jizzm, NGAFSH, Gelroc, Digit 6, Regret, Sach (of The Nonce), Subtitle, Existereo & DJ Roach
06. Periscopes feat. Penny
07. Reminisce feat. Cifernautic & Amnesia
08. Fool’s Gold feat. L*roneous, InDepth & Syah
09. Waste
10. The Rebirth feat. KJ
11. Free Of Will feat. Gelroc
12. Ascension feat. Evs, Raj, Existereo, Regret, Syndrome & Gelroc
13. Fleeting Simularcum feat. Cognition
14. Byegones
15. Weakened People (Digital Only)
16. Excess In Every Dimension (Digital Only)
17. Headstrong feat. Ellay Khule, The All Deadly Jizzm, Awol One, Gelroc, 2Mex & DJ Roach

Escape Artists – Evergreen