Es-K – Stress Relief [Beat Tape] [2019]

Es-K – Stress Relief [Beat Tape]
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01. Stress Relief
02. Notwhatuthink
03. Yellow Haze
04. Boutique (Remix – Instrumental)
05. Off One
06. Headspace
07. Eightoheightsole
08. Dust Buckets
09. Subsealevel
10. CCH
11. Always Something (Remix – Instrumental)


Things have been kinda crazy for me lately so it’s been hard to spend time creating new material – I’ve been practicing for shows, working on albums and singles to release, doing mixes etc on top of regular life stuff. Sometimes though I get really overwhelmed and just have to stop everything and make a song. These are some of those random rough beats from the past few weeks (and some earlier) that I never got a chance to finish and may never get back around to. I really like some of these though, so I am glad to share them with you guys. Hope you dig it!!