Eddie Word of The Almighty NRP – King Tides [Beat Tape] [2017]

Eddie Word of The Almighty NRP – King Tides [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro (Bore Tide)
02. Harbor Waves (Neap Tides)
03. Lover’s Cove (Spring Tide)
04. Calming Sea (Partial Tide)
05. Swell (Semi-diurnal Tide)
06. Incoming (Rip Tide)
07. Oceans (High Tide)
08. Sandy Beach (Brown Tide)
09. Beneath the Pier (Red Tide)
10. Restless Jetty (Mixed Tide)
11. Boardwalk (Diurnal Tide)
12. On The Shore (Low Tide)

Eddie Word of The Almighty NRP – King Tides

Imagine a moonlit walk on a beach as you gaze upon the sea, waves crashing ashore rhythmically almost as if it were singing to you. The untamed melodies of an endless ocean. Corrigendum Entertainment Group presents this perfect blend of fresh yet familiar vibes, King Tides. This is the sophomore instrumental/ beat tape from the music production duo The Almighty NRP as a follow up to Imperceivable Virtue by ΔMAutoMatic. On this project Eddie Word’s debut was inspired to fly solo, and create his own body of work after releasing
L O O S E S E A S; an EP of loose beats earlier this Spring. This 12 track offering highlights versatility ranging from Jazz to Trap. Soulful keys, strings, heavy bass lines, real drums, and a few 808s are just some of the arsenal used in this incredible composition. There’s something for everyone both young and old, from every walk of life on King Tides. In the very short future, you’ll be hearing much more from Eddie Word as this is only but one of many projects to come. To be continued…