DustyBonezJones – Glaciology [Beat Tape] [2017]

DustyBonezJones – Glaciology [Beat Tape]
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01. Enter the Iceman
02. Cringing Cryosphere
03. Glacialisaurus
04. Terra Australis
05. Freezer Burn (feat. Gab Grindhausu)
06. Bloody Icicles
07. Frostbitten Phalanges
08. Glaciology
09. The Ice Age
10. Yeti and the Abominable Anomolies
11. Antarctopelta
12. Ice Canyons
13. Glacial Calving Calamity
14. Ice Chasers (Interlude)
15. Ice Chasers (The Search for the IceMan)

DustyBonezJones – Glaciology

Glaciology is the second full solo effort of mine, consisting of a darker and colder theme. Structured in a similar manner to Boneza Nova, Glaciology is a more refined concept album to give the listener an auditory trip through the Arctic regions.

Inspiration was grabbed from the outside elements of the harsh and unforgiving winter, causing me to lock myself indoors to perfect this album.

I now present to you Glaciology…