Drumboy Presents – 30 Producers Deep Vol​.​2 [Compilation] [2014]

Drumboy Presents – 30 Producers Deep Vol​.​2 [Compilation]
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01. Parker Lewis (Sheppard’s Intel-ek Beats)
02. Wander Wander(MitchWadeCole)
03. Amanda Grymez (Lamebot) (Mad Savvy Remix)
04. Bth2dos (Kryone)
05. NABAWAIS (Peer Du)
06. Ethinik Bounce (Sacramento Sound Society)
07. Moments (Äther Pan)
08. I’m controlled (Sliceberg Slim aka Gee Wiz)
09. Victoria (Ruido Noise Crash)
10. One More Coffee (DJ. A.I.)
11. Underground Raw Instrumental (Ill Majestic)
12. GORGEOUS (Moteleola)
13. Seasonal Boom Bap (J. Gainey aka Da Beatnerd)
14. 19th Earth day (Scott Xylo)
15. Steel Hand (Sneed the Jade Badger)
16. Big Soul (Mr. Backside)
17. Hallways (Heaven’s Gate Mix) (Det the Bomb)
18. Deserted (evolv)
19. Snuff & Sunset (PRSRPNTS)
20. Film8 (Kiza Beats)
21. The Music Box (PACH ATOMZ)
22. The Mack (Alex Beano)
23. Dusted (Odysseus Button)
24. Faith (Redi HighKnights)
25. Dollaz (Dusty Fingerz)
26. DeR (DrumBoy)
27. Night Hour (AWALthe1$T)
28. The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful (Doc Heller)
29. Quantum Leap (SomeGuy)
30. Bygones (Koke)

Drumboy Presents – 30 Producers Deep Vol​.​2

30 Producers Deep is back with the Sequel! Put together again mostly via #Twitter it features Producers from Europe to the US with their various Sounds & Styles! This Album contains all kinds of Beats from Trill Wave to Boom Bap, all instrumental, representing todays Underground Producers to the fullest!
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