Dr. Quandary – Jukebox Buddha [Album] [2017]

Dr. Quandary – Jukebox Buddha [Album]
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01. Bones & Portents feat. TIMESCANNER
02. The Boy Who Went to War feat. PremRock & Elder Orange
03. Court of the Monkey Prince feat. Louis Mackey
04. Black Tar feat. PremRock & Has-Lo
05. Your Gods & Mine feat. Zilla Rocca
06. The Blown Fuse feat. Has-Lo
07. Jukebox Buddha feat. Godforbid & Louis Mackey
08. Can’t Go On Without You feat. Astrid Engberg
09. Into the Dirt feat. Elder Orange & Has-Lo

Dr. Quandary – Jukebox Buddha

Jukebox Buddha is an anachronism — a weathered & time-worn record from the not-too-distant future, discovered buried in the long-forgotten ruins of the ancient past.

Exhibiting his signature blend of dusty drums & moody psychedelia, this is the first official, non-compilation album from Dr. Quandary since 2011’s “Sigils”. It’s also the first of his solo projects to feature friends & long-time collaborators, with appearances by Has-Lo, Elder Orange, Louis Mackey (No Humans Allowed), Astrid Engberg, PremRock (Wrecking Crew), Zilla Rocca (Wrecking Crew, Three Dollar Pistol Music), Godforbid (That Handsome Devil, FDR) & TIMESCANNER (The Infinite Now Podcast).

Time is a loop: a beat repeated forever. Digging in the sediment, we unearth our futures & then lose that knowledge before it comes to pass again.