Dr. Dundiff – The Distance [Instrumentals] [2019]

Dr. Dundiff – The Distance [Instrumentals]
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01. Welcome (Instrumental)
02. What You Want (Instrumental)
03. The Right Time
04. Skat (Instrumental)
05. Layla
06. Zeta
07. Riggin
08. The Distance (Instrumental)
09. Flowers For Carol
10. Slip (Instrumental)
11. November 13
12. Thorn (Instrumental)
13. Swan Lake
14. What I Want (Instrumental)
15. Goodbye (Instrumental)

Dr. Dundiff – The Distance [Instrumentals]

Cold Busted now presents the complete instrumental version of the album in digital form. Includes 8 previously unreleased instrumental versions.

Louisville, Kentucky is home to the prolific hip-hop/neo-soul producer Dr. Dundiff. Armed with an array of instruments (including his trusty MPC) and a bevy of talented area collaborators, Dr. Dundiff has revealed The Distance, his latest ambitious album.

As Dr. Dundiff says, “Everybody has someplace that they are and everybody has someplace that they want to be. And The Distance is the space between.”