Don D – Windsor Smith [Beat Tape] [2015]

Don D – Windsor Smith [Beat Tape]
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01. Guru’sRevenge
02. SpeedStick
03. Livefromthejungle
04. People
05. Amazon
06. Stone Cold Gentlemen
07. ThingCalled
08. Ill Coup
09. Remo

Don D – Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith is the brand new instrumental album from producer and emcee Don D. As one third of hip-hop group and production team “The Northern Lights”, Don has produced for and featured alongside some of underground hip-hop’s biggest talents, such as Dooley-O, Left Leberra and more.

Windsor Smith is a continuation on a long line of releases from UK label Lunatick Records that push the boundaries of creative diversity and originality within hip-hop. Minimal drums and deep rhythms make up a large part of D’s almost tribal soundscape, with tracks such as “Livefromthejungle” highlighting his sparse and unique approach.